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I'm a champion in League of Legends + MAGFest recap!

2015-01-29 17:16:11 by headphoamz

HEY NG! Holy balls. How goes it? How's your mom? Want to come over, I'll make you cookies?


- I'm the new voice of Tristana in League of Legends. (OHMAGHAGMGAH) I honestly could not be more excited. I mean, I could be but I'd probably be dead, no joke. I also wanted to stress how big a role NG played in getting me there. My first demo reel was on Newgrounds and it was a lot easier to share reels that way. So thanks everyone. I'm sorry I'm not more active here but I truly do love you guys still. Always in mah heart.
- Also, I'm Xian Mei in Dead Island: Epidemic! FUCK YEE!! Takahata aka Curtis aka Big Sexy Papa sent me the audition - thanks dood. You rock.
- AND MAGFest was fucking SO GOOOOOOOD. Oh my god. I met some of my heroes there and this ALSO pertains to Newgrounds in that I got to hug Oney and Stamper and Spazkid and Digsbot and Ricepirate and I even stole several glances at Tom Fulp's butt and he was totally chill about it. IT WAS SO COOL BECAUSE THEY ARE SO COOL.

Really trying hard to stay awake as I think I have severe weekend hangover but you know what, it's all worf. WORF.

I'll try to give more updates as the year goes on and upload some new stuff.

Here's my vid that I made for the League announcement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBT-dkbFOb0


Much happening wow such busy

2014-11-03 18:25:56 by headphoamz

Sorry for the Doge reference. Mah bad.

I've been neglecting NG as of lately - this is due to the recent spike in Twitch usage. But I've been partaking in the NGADM as a judge this year, which is pretty neato. Great songs, as usual, everyone seems to outdo themselves every year and I love listening. Easier to listen, defnitely, than composing, which I would probably be dead from attempting.

So, Twitch. It's flippin' FUN, Ace. I think I might be addicted to it. Playing games and having people watching/joining in/celebrating with you is one of the greatest feelings ever. Can't stop won't stop beeyutch.

School is almost done, thank fuck for that. December marks my final month of being a student FOREVER because I'm a-gradjeeating. I love how people ask "Hey, graduate school?" and I'm all "LMAO". Ain't no way I'm ever going back, never, never, I'm DONEZO WASHINGTON with anything that involves being talked at within the confines of a classroom.

YouTube has also been neglected, but I have some ideas that I've been tossing over which I'd like to explore. I feel bad, but it's getting a little difficult to juggle school/voice projects on top of uploading shite to the interwebz, so YouTube will just have to wait a tad longer.

I'm going to move in with my sister. So excited!

Alright NG, this has been a super-chill Phoamz update. Stay classy.


EDIT: So proud of both SoundChris + Hitokirito, and garlagan for doing so well in the NGADM this year. Congrats to garlagan for takin' the whole damn thing home. <3 

Yay 400 followers

2014-08-27 12:00:52 by headphoamz

Hi to all of ya. Thanks for helping me get to 400. Kinda nuts. :D
Love you always, NG. And all that rainbow shit. :')

- Phoamzie


Wrote the soundtrack to this game! :)

2014-08-23 14:30:42 by headphoamz

It's called "i saw her across the world" and is the third installment in the "i saw her" zombie series by KRANGgames!

I wrote the whole soundtrack. CHECK IT OUT! http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/644815

The whole shebang was done with piano - no other instruments until you get to the special end-of-game scene - you'll appreciate it :D

In other news, I've been streaming a lot lately on Twitch. You can find me at http://twitch.tv/ratedEwithElspeth. :D

So much stuff happening right now. I bought a PC, my last semester of college is about to start, I'm traveling a lot, and there are undisclosed projects I'm working on that I can't flippin' wait to talk about - SECRETS OOOOOH

Alright dat's all for now. :)


EDIT: It's the #1 featured game on NG! YAYYYY! :D

I rapped the Kanto PokeRap!

2014-08-09 12:40:40 by headphoamz

OHHHHH SHIIIIIIT. Check it. I can't believe how long it took to edit. :D




2014-07-30 12:57:40 by headphoamz



Also, if you wanna know what it is, check out the rad trailer:

I voice Cadence, the main character. And you'll be serenaded by the sweet ear candy that is Danny Baranowsky's music. You guys gotta gotta gotta play this.



Less than 60 hours left for the TImespinner Kickstarter!

2014-07-23 14:03:35 by headphoamz

If you're into old-school pixel games like Castlevania and Metroid, you gotta check out the game I'm in. Voicing the main character and everything, man. It's sweet, and there's less than three days to go on our Kickstarter! So far we've made all sorts of stretch goals including PS4 and 3DS.

KICKSTARTER!: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lunarraygames/timespinner

Developed by Lunar Ray Games (aka Bodie Lee, an ex-Bungie artist and programmer!)

Highly recommend watching the trailer if you want to hear me. :D

Yeah buddy!

- Phoamz



25th birthday. Holy what that's ancient.

2014-07-14 16:43:03 by headphoamz

Hey Noogs.

It's my 25th birthday today. That's nuts. But yesterday I spent it with my family, around a campfire, talking about genitalia and raccoons and pyromania and smoking Earth's finest. Seriously, Coronas with lime? I had four. Plus Reeses cup cheesecake. Don't even. It was a great time. Even my grandmother was there and we even asked if she was cool if we passed around a spliff (which she was).

It's thundering right now something fierce.

I haven't been back home in a couple days so I haven't been recording anything and I'm a little late with responding (*cough* CartoonCoffee, I am so sorry I failed you). I have a bad habit of taking on more projects than I can finish. But I do suppose that's a good thing, too. I think it's wise to say yes to as many new things as possible so you'll always have something of which to be proud.

Timespinner is going on PS4. I'm so stoked you guys, you don't even know. Like... it'll be the first time my voice is on a console, for sure. A NEXT-GEN CONSOLE.

Also, there's a thing I did for a little game called Pillars of Eternity by Obsidian Entertainment (Baldur's Gate, Fallout: New Vegas). Actually, a big thing. Not much I can say, other than I'm stoked.

My friends at Galaxy Interactive have finally come up with a playable demo for our game Age of Blood, in which I voice the lead mage character AND the queen of the villainous Scourge. They're also using UDK 4 which looks absolutely beautiful. This hopefully will be a console release, as well.

Really, really considering going to PAX Prime as my voice is in in four of the games that will be playable there. Unfortunately, I have college to deal with first and it'll be my LAST SEMESTER EVER THANK CRIPES. Remember kids, there's nothing college teaches you that you can't learn yourself. Keep that in mind!

Happy Bastille Day, btw. July 14th is France's Independence Day. I like to think I should have been French for this reason as it's also my b-day but whatevs.
My boyfriend got me new Sony studio headphones, Kirby: Triply Deluxe, and Puppeteer. All good things. :)

"You'll never be as young as you are right now." - my grandmother. Thanks for that chunk of wisdom, Nan.




Lend me some sugar.

2014-07-08 14:57:20 by headphoamz

I AM your neighbor.


- Phoamz


On faith, or the existence of aliens

2014-07-06 16:03:47 by headphoamz

I don't personally know if there is a higher power; I'm of the opinion that we humans are, in our physical form, alone. Other life may exist, but so far, it has not made itself visible to us. Perhaps it's of an energetic nature, where we can't see it with the naked eye, or it takes on some colorful form that reflects light in a way which appears invisible. Maybe it resides deep within a gaseous core of a planet out of our reach, or is so infinitesimally tiny that we'll never observe it through microscopes.

I just find it so odd that, as a society, we continue to hold onto a comforting idea that there is a powerful, all-seeing giant that created everything. There are varying definitions of a god, but I can't for the life of me believe that if it were a sentient, loving conscience, it would continue to simply watch as Earth's inhabitants copulated to the point of overpopulation, or slaughtered neighbors out of greed. If there is a law governing the universe, it was a human mind that contrived this law and applied it to every organism throughout time, in the sake of keeping the institution of religion afloat. How can we be so bold in that assumption, when we've never once set foot outside our home?

It's a very strong thing, this spirit of ours. I, for one, embrace the unknown universe as it is, with all its mysteries and realities that I will never understand. Though it saddens me, I've made my peace with the idea that everything is infinite, time is a variable, and humans may never truly know what sleeps in the darkness.

With love,

EDIT: Jesus Christ, from what I've heard, was a wonderful person and I think it's one of the highest roads you can take, to live a kind, accepting, loving lifestyle. So please, for the PMs insisting that I'm taking the express train to the big oven, at least know that I'm not leaving Jesus hanging at the door. I might not talk to him directly, but he's definitely invited to the party.