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Omg dat laugh and facial expression. Wish it were a little longer!

Really cool stuff. It looks almost like frame-by-frame animation. Silhouettes were a neat choice.

This is excellent! Made me chuckle. Very nice animation.

Nrodriguez responds:

Thank you!

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Made my heart feel like it was soaring out of my chest! What an experience. You always create the most evocative pieces. Thank you.

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Fantastic! Starts off like something Sondheim might write. And I hear that Glenn Miller, for sure! Right off the bat, this is playful, and sounds heavily influenced by a showtune – I adore it! The way you guys successfully have the instruments play off each other is just so magical. I can imagine this scene where there’s a huge party going on, and some swanky folks are there drinking and dancing with boas everywhere.
I can tell you had some mixing issues, and I know how time constraints can be, so I didn’t want to take off too much for that, but the instruments did end up sounding slightly muffled. The saxophone chords might have benefited from some mid-tone clarity as they got slightly overshadowed by the trumpets.
I absolutely love the brush set you have going on with the percussion. Doesn’t take away from the strength of the main instruments, but adds just enough mood to really make this a standout jazz piece. Your piano is also on-point, as usual. Very swanky and supportive of the main instrumentation, and the glissando you implement as a background element is key to making the piece feel open, like it could go anywhere. The motif that you have throughout the piece is quite a pleasant one, and I’m glad that it was revisited near the end, too! Great work tying that all in together.
I realize that, due to some technical issues (grrr, technology!) you had work with what you had and I’m so sorry to hear about crashing! This is a great track by any stretch, and it’s obvious how much thought was put into it. Seriously impressive, you worked around all of the kinks and made a very professional-sounding jazz piece! It felt like I was being transported through time. You created excellent imagery despite setbacks - well done!

NGADM Final Round Score: 9.8

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This is just gold, and something entirely new from you guys. I can tell you were really exploring a lot with this piece, and you went to so many different places with it – ended up sounding amazing. Your mix is just a little muddy, but the production value overall is mindblowing. The guitars sound freakin’ amazing! I so wish I had your skills, envious to the Nines! Love the chords and progressions that you chose.
The chorus is extremely memorable and I’ve had the song on repeat because I love singing along with it! Right in my range. The vocals sound wonderful, and you did a great job mixing them; the harmonies add a very nice layer to the track, too, so well done!
That guitar solo, though… Simply awesome. I just sit there with my mouth open every time I hear it.
I really wish the song had ended on a different note – that is, maybe a more drawn out note? It seems like you ran with the solo, only to run into a brick wall. I can see where you might have run out of time; just would have liked to hear it extended or given some closure! :)
Excellent vocals, my gosh. You have an excellent compressor on them, and it really works nicely and evens out the flow of the guitar. Percussion sounds great as well, I’m digging the cymbals on either side of the stereo. Well done!
Conclusively, I should not be surprised that you guys can just pull off any genre you go for – such wonderful composers and I’m thrilled to see what other music you might make together! This is a great piece and it’s cool to see some major branching out.

NGADM Round Four Score: 9.8

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Looks slightly like a more refined Ganondorf. :D

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Hyptosis responds:

Yeah, I'm getting that now :P Gonna change that hair color!

I might be a little bit in love with you, sorry for any inconveniences

I love how muscular she is. When you're running around shooting arrows, you're gonna get buff!

Daker777NG responds:

Glad you like it! :D

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