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Omg dat laugh and facial expression. Wish it were a little longer!

Really cool stuff. It looks almost like frame-by-frame animation. Silhouettes were a neat choice.

This is excellent! Made me chuckle. Very nice animation.

Nrodriguez responds:

Thank you!

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Made my heart feel like it was soaring out of my chest! What an experience. You always create the most evocative pieces. Thank you.

I’m so blown away by your vocals. Seriously, love how you focused on them throughout the song – I’ve never heard you sing like this, and like everyone is saying, it’s very reminiscent of Muse in the way that you leap from note to note. You have a really great quality to your voice, I’d love to hear more singing in future tunes, too!
Your intro with the little dings (bells? Glockenspiel?) was the best, I love those dang dings. Sets up a great feeling to the whole piece. I want to seriously just start running and take off and fly into the clouds with this.
The synths here are amazing, too. All sequences between vox are beautifully mixed, as usual, and I enjoy how you transitioned into them effortlessly. Everything blends together very well, especially that one breathy-sounding instrument in the background.
My only, singular gripe is that I think your vox went a little haywire at times. Did you use an autotuner on this? Otherwise, I think you have a wonderful timbre and pleasant sound to everything and it makes the song very happy-sounding.
Your beats are excellent as well, I get hype just listening to them and I want to dance around everywhere. Really enjoy how you reduced the bass in your vocal portions to really reflect the singing and balance out the mix. Actually, there isn’t a heavy emphasis on the bass at all, which only adds to the more ethereal element of the track. Quite like it.
Overall, this is just wonderful and something I don’t think I’ve ever really heard from you, especially vocal-wise – like I mentioned, it would be fantastic to hear more of your singing! Great work Garlagan!

NGADM Final Round Score: 9.9

garlagan responds:

Can't believe this review Elspeth. Thank you so much!
I think I get what you mean by the vox going haywire. Is it the kinda fast vibrato at some parts? I didn't use autotuner but I did fine tune some bits that i got too lazy to re-sing (didn't have much time either).
By the way that score is surreal!

This is NUTS. You said you don’t do orchestral, but this is some quality stuff for not really having it be your main genre!
I enjoyed very much when you added the percussion! It was beautiful instrumentation, you mixed everything fantastically, and your strings sound very pretty here. I would say after a while they do get a bit MIDI-sounding, like an older synthesizer, but still, great harmonies and composition work here.
2:04 stands out to me as something that should be expounded upon. My goodness, that was such an amazing piano doodle it caught me off-guard, and you didn’t disappoint with the chords following. Reminded me a lot of an anime soundtrack, and the way you chose to end the song is without a doubt perfect to me – lingering, a bit sad, but soft and with a sense of closure!
My only gripe here is that your instruments felt too quantized to be natural instruments, which in the case of cinema, it’s desirable to have that “real full orchestra” feel. Lets the listener know that it is indeed a human being with emotion playing the music. Hard to do, of course, when you have only VSTs to work with (cough… ME TOO… cough), so I think you really nailed it with what you had.
The composition is slightly flowery, but I can hear all the trills and details you put into the end of your bars, which sometimes gives it a very storybook feel. I can tell you were dedicated to making this sound appropriate for the orchestral genre and I think you did excellently.
Again, not bad for never writing orchestral, friend! :D

NGADM Round 4 Score: 8.9

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Looks slightly like a more refined Ganondorf. :D

Hyptosis responds:

Yeah, I'm getting that now :P Gonna change that hair color!

I might be a little bit in love with you, sorry for any inconveniences

I love how muscular she is. When you're running around shooting arrows, you're gonna get buff!

Daker777NG responds:

Glad you like it! :D

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