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On faith, or the existence of aliens

Posted by headphoamz - July 6th, 2014

I don't personally know if there is a higher power; I'm of the opinion that we humans are, in our physical form, alone. Other life may exist, but so far, it has not made itself visible to us. Perhaps it's of an energetic nature, where we can't see it with the naked eye, or it takes on some colorful form that reflects light in a way which appears invisible. Maybe it resides deep within a gaseous core of a planet out of our reach, or is so infinitesimally tiny that we'll never observe it through microscopes.

I just find it so odd that, as a society, we continue to hold onto a comforting idea that there is a powerful, all-seeing giant that created everything. There are varying definitions of a god, but I can't for the life of me believe that if it were a sentient, loving conscience, it would continue to simply watch as Earth's inhabitants copulated to the point of overpopulation, or slaughtered neighbors out of greed. If there is a law governing the universe, it was a human mind that contrived this law and applied it to every organism throughout time, in the sake of keeping the institution of religion afloat. How can we be so bold in that assumption, when we've never once set foot outside our home?

It's a very strong thing, this spirit of ours. I, for one, embrace the unknown universe as it is, with all its mysteries and realities that I will never understand. Though it saddens me, I've made my peace with the idea that everything is infinite, time is a variable, and humans may never truly know what sleeps in the darkness.

With love,

EDIT: Jesus Christ, from what I've heard, was a wonderful person and I think it's one of the highest roads you can take, to live a kind, accepting, loving lifestyle. So please, for the PMs insisting that I'm taking the express train to the big oven, at least know that I'm not leaving Jesus hanging at the door. I might not talk to him directly, but he's definitely invited to the party.



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And one day we will meet those aliens... I am sure.

I'd love to be there for that! I mean... as long as they're not trying to eat us, of course.

A wild existential news post appeared!

But seriously, I don't think skeptics can so easily rule out the idea of an omnipotent being watching over us. When kids play with anthills, they don't care about the well-being of their victims, they're just interested in what happens when they poke the moving buggy thing. I imagine if there is/are some sort of being(s) watching over us, they'd be rather amused at how we've screwed ourselves over and eagerly await our downfall.

That could be true. Grim fascination is another human trait being assigned to this entity, as we have no other frame of reference, but for all we know, if we're created in its image, this thing would be super pumped to watch the hot mess that is civilization go down in flames, Kardashian-style.

Oh... Hm... YYeah, I forgot that other part. The evil part. Well lets ever hope they will be nice to us, as long as we stay calm and nice too...

Hoping for civility on both sides! Yay :D

When i used to believe in god, the main reason why i did is because i feared what might be after death, i didn't admit it, not even to myself, but i know it was that way. Another reason was that i also feared that life might be pointless, and so, with all that fear, i only wanted to keep myself ignorant and i didn't really consider "what if there is no god?". As time passed, when i hit 15 years old more or less, i started to see things diferently, if there's nothing after death, then it's alright because i won't be there to see it, and life seems so beautiful when you think that all this, all the life in this planet, had such a low probability of happening, just look around you, we live in a planet with so many different types of animals, plants, and above all, a living being that can acknowledge it's own existence, the human. We are so incredibly lucky to be alive and be intelligent enough to know it. So when i accepted the idea that having no god might not be all that bad, i did a bit of research and found out that the bible is (pardon my expression) full of bullshit. There's so many things in the bible that today are not accepted by society, like slavery, male superiority, homophobia, etc... If all that was supposed to be the word of god, why do we choose to rule out those things now? Because it's a man made book, and man shapes that through the years as he sees convenient, i can'0t believe in that.
So that's the story of how an atheist was forged, or rather an agnostic, i don't completely rule out the possibility of a god, that would be foolish, but i certainly don't believe the god of the bible is real, even if he were to be real, i don't accept him, sending people to burn in hell forever because you don't believe in him? Even if you are an amazing person? Doesn't make sense to me.

Life is pretty incredible! I'm very thankful to be here, too. The Bible still confuses me, but parts of it are beautifully written, which leads me to believe that yes, it was written by multiple persons with different perspectives. As for death, imo, I would love to believe that reincarnation is possible and our souls come back in another time. It's hard to imagine/accept death being so final.

well for me at least every concept of god is false and true at the same time. the atheists and any religious zealot are correct and wrong

the reality of this world is that we define it however we see it. we accept what works with our wavelength. the world is composed of Energy (Mana) we accept and look for the positive charges in our life and throw out the negative one. for example organized religion and the idea of absolute death has a negative connotation for me. simply because i believe no one religion is correct and that life is a cycle than a dead end line no heaven and hell for me just an immaculate cycle of life and death.

the opinion of others should not be a major influence in your life but then again that is your choice whether to accept by what others imposes on you (this color is green, watermelon is a fruit, there is only one god etc,) im not saying dont listen to others. im just saying what you accept and believe is ultimately is up to you

The world's True Nature is Chaotic it is our Responsibility to make sense of it
- Steampianist (my quote no one steal!!)

Occultations are interesting, I think such things are the root of religion and science.

You crazy 'Mericans and your religion ;)

oh we gots it in spades. :D

I respect people who think seriously and fairly about this stuff, not really caring what "side of the arguement" they are on. I once was a committed Christian but as I observed the world and thought about things from as best of a neutral perspective as I could muster, I decided there really wasn't enough evidence to validate any particular religion. Is there a God? I don't know. All I know for sure is that I'm here on earth and I can either make it a better place or a worse place. And I choose to be a mecha-soldier of positivity!

Granted, I do firmly believe that there is more to this existence than matter and energy. I really don't think our consciousnesses can be explained with just matter and energy. Why are we aware of our lives? Why aren't we just robots making observations, making decisions, and performing actions? Why are we actually /aware/ of everything? (Does that make sense to you? It is so hard to explain.)

I dearly hope that my mortal death doesn't mean the end of my existence.

Really, nothing makes sense to me. Why does the universe even exist? If a god created it, then why does that god even exist?

If for some messed up reason you end up taking the express train to the big oven, I guess I'll probably be there too, and we should totally play live-action chess.