Going out on a Friday night.

2013-10-04 21:21:55 by headphoamz

Oh, you know.

Just my signature TGIF look, workin' that lazy eye.

- Phoamz

Going out on a Friday night.


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2013-10-05 04:38:51

OMG cool move! Everyone should have one of those "secret powers" :)

headphoamz responds:

I agree!


2013-10-05 07:45:09

omg... is that a superpower? and if so... do you use it for the greater good? or even better... do you use it for evil? O_O...

*come to the dark side...*

I should be studying... don't interrupt me with your sexy creepiness. kbye

headphoamz responds:

Yeaaahh I should be studying too, but instead I'm writing music!


2013-10-05 11:10:04

Workin' it indeed!
Also, is that the ICO/Shadow of the Colossus collection on your table? They're undeniably two of my all-time favourites. Clambering up the gigantic stone structure of a colossus and then actually feeling remorse after it crashes down is an experience that you can only find in SOTC. Kudos!

headphoamz responds:

IT IS! And I have only played Ico so far. Have never played SotC but I've heard amazing things! Can't wait!


2013-10-06 06:36:40

Get back to work lazy eye! W-Tish!

But I was just resting boss!

Resting? Well I.. I mean 'eye' don't believe you.


headphoamz responds:

Hahahahah! :D


2013-10-06 09:09:59

Also I just noticed that your League of Legends voices video has over 400k views! Check you out! :D

headphoamz responds:

Dude, it's so crazy! Thanks PA, it's definitely a cool feeling. :)


2013-10-06 23:09:37

Obviously a fake pic. The real Elspeth Eastman is a supermodel with no lazy eye.

headphoamz responds:

Hey hey hey. SHE DOES THOUGH. Ain't no super mod.


2013-10-06 23:18:23

How does she do it!

headphoamz responds:



2013-10-06 23:23:14

Is that also The Last of Us on your table? Or do I have a lazy eye too?

By the way, I managed to finally play The Last of Us last week, it was everything I hoped it would be, and more.

headphoamz responds:

IT IS. I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would. It was wayyy too hyped up for my taste. :(


2013-10-07 11:22:29

The lazy eye works out. :P

headphoamz responds:

Thanks. :D


2013-10-08 11:00:48

Man, does that eye look like a couch potato

headphoamz responds:



2013-10-08 15:22:06

Hmm, wonder if you got all three homonyms? :P

headphoamz responds:

Of course I love homonyms! They should be allowed to get married to whomever they want.


2013-12-04 00:21:47

dat pink controller