Featured Artist of the Week

2013-09-08 18:43:47 by headphoamz

So I know these news posts are generally just supposed to be about me and shit, but I want to start sharing pieces every week from artists whom, in my opinion, are really remarkable at what they do.

Starting off this trend in posting is SilverPoyozo.

Check out his work, most notably "The Girl With Silver Eyes". It was a submission for the Newgrounds Audio Death Match, Round One, and didn't make it through, but I think it's an incredibly powerful song that tells a story, with the music recalling different chapters throughout - bouncy, full of life, with a strong representation of longing.

The Girl With Silver Eyes


- Phoamz


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2013-09-08 19:23:04

MY GAWD. such a wonderful, complex piece of music! imagine what SP could do with high-quality samples. actually, I kinda like the low sample quality; gives me fond memories of my favorite RPG games of the PS1 era. ^_^


2013-09-10 00:24:37

Thank you! :D