Follow my shitty Twitter

2013-07-17 18:03:51 by headphoamz

Follow my Shitter.

- Phoamz


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2013-07-17 18:35:20

Sounds Sexy

headphoamz responds:

YOU BET IT IS. It is Wegra-sexy.


2013-07-17 21:27:05

I like the cut of your jib miss :)

headphoamz responds:

Hey thanks!


2013-07-18 00:48:29

will there be cake?

headphoamz responds:

Sure, why not.


2013-07-18 23:43:43

No. I'm not follow your shitter. That's gross.

Also, you didn't want to voice acter for me. It's at 200k views almost now. I hope you're happy.


2013-07-19 00:24:56

Hope the Twitter's getting a lot of attention! Uhh, found this in General :\ Should you want, I keel who's responsible?

I mean, really. The nerve.


2013-07-19 00:26:20

What the fudge?! Here's a slightly older one!

headphoamz responds:

Yeah, I saw both of those. Not sure where they came from, but hey, that's Newgrounds for ya. :3


2013-07-19 09:44:42

More of a Twatter myself.

Also hate to be a bossy Betty, but will you have a chance to get those lines to me soon? :x

headphoamz responds:

Tonight ;D