Here's my new 2013 character voice reel!

2013-06-27 21:21:13 by headphoamz

Hey everyone!

I finished my second reel, this one with a lot of voices I did in the past year. I hope you enjoy listening!

Also, if anyone is interested in my voices, I'd love to work with you for the Game Jam.

Thanks, peace and lurve!

- Phoamz


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2013-06-28 00:14:48

you have a nice calming voice :) can you do any male type voices?

headphoamz responds:

Yes, actually! I do mid-to-high range male voices.


2013-06-28 00:36:05

That's stylish

headphoamz responds:

Why spank you.


2013-06-28 00:59:53

I might require your voice in the nearish future...can you do a pirate also?

headphoamz responds:



2013-06-28 04:25:29

God damn you're good!

headphoamz responds:

Thanks very much! ^_^