Hi! I've returned! GAMES! MUSIC! YOUTUBE!

2012-10-06 15:27:06 by headphoamz

YEAH! FUCK YEAH! So, Newgrounds. How you been, buddy?

I'm throwing some music up here for you guys, and soon, a voice demo reel. I'm really looking to write music for animation. I know composers are a dime a dozen... but I'm attempting to up the ante a little bit, production-wise.

Give me a ring. Let's work together.

Oh and check out my new show on Youtube, Rated E. I do commentary and freak the fuck out and show my boobs. ...alright, that last part is still under review.


- Elspeth


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2012-10-07 19:01:33

Pahaha Awesome


2012-10-11 20:59:24

With it, subscribed, the whole deal. Likin' the YouTube, the music, the creepy game.