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Good morning!

4/2/14 by headphoamz
Updated 4/2/14

Hi friends and folk of the forest,

How's life? Right now I'm having my thirteenth cup of coffee and looking after a pitbull/boxer dog named Jenkins. It's raining but I'm still cycling to school because I'm a treasured member of the No-Car Club™.

So things are good, I got back from GDC. Wish I lived in California or at least on the West coast. For those of you who do live out there and want to work in any sort of media, consider yourself blessed. Actually, anyone living on the extremities of the US, really. The middle sucks. Indiana sucks. There's nothing here. Even if you think your cost of living is too much, I promise, it's worth it. Go out there and have tea with producers. SOMEDAY I SHALL BE THERE TOO~

Damn dog is getting into my laundry. Brb.

Okay cool. 
Anyone going to the NG party on the 26th? I'm really wishing I could, but funding, arrr, she be low after PAX East. 

Also holy shit Homestar Runner updated their site. I missed these guys.


Now I'm in class.
I'm sitting here in class right now waiting for the pain to end. When I get home I have a billion musics to write and a couple narrations. 

Oh, if you guys could come up with a phrase that I could say for my next project on NG, that'd be cool. I'd say it in different voices and upload it. Simple pimple.


- Phoamz

EDIT: From my FB: They should make a racing game with people dressed in late 1800's garb, driving antiquated cars, and call it Need for Tweed.


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I Miss talking to ya ;3

Oh my... Need for Tweed.. *drops dead*

5/18/14 headphoamz responds:

Squee :D


I mean, ohayou.

No, I actually meant oreo.

Greetings from the land of chicken houses and cow pastures.

4/3/14 headphoamz responds:

Oreos <3

Go London if you plan on going to the UK. I'm not from there but I've visited it a few times, it's rad.

-Travel Agent

Those billion musics wont write themself.

4/3/14 headphoamz responds:





4/3/14 headphoamz responds:

I know I am. Thanks :D I know it's an energy drink that did him in, but when they add caffeine to coffee, that's when you gotta be careful!

A phrase? Maybe one of these?

Yeah, middle America suffers from isolation and over priced goods, thanks in no small part to the big agricultural corporations, forcing out privately held farms.

4/3/14 headphoamz responds:

Ooh! Thanks for the links Vicarious, you rock. Many helpfuls.

The No-Car Club™? Bah!
I just so happen to be an esteemed member of the prestigious Guild of Non-Drivers™.
*adjusts monocle*

Antarctica's cool. The UK sucks. There's nothing here. Even if you think the cost of igloos is too much, I promise, it's worth it. Go out there and have tea with penguins.

Sorry, just felt like re-phrasing part of your blog.

Great to hear updates from yourself as usual, keep up the music and nice one on clocking that steampunk-sounding racer idea!


4/3/14 headphoamz responds:


Lol and anno 2014 they should make it Need for Weed.... lel pls bad joke no humour wow....

4/3/14 headphoamz responds:

Blaze it.