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1000 subscribers on Youtube. And a picture. FUCK YES.

1/29/13 by headphoamz

Thanks, y'all! 1000 subs achieved!

New voices vid coming soon - as soon as this cold disperses!


<3 Phoamz

1000 subscribers on Youtube. And a picture. FUCK YES.


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very nice

As always, your voice acting skillz are most impressive. Gotta say, though, you sound too feminine to be the Jarl of Whiterun. He's a dude. I tihnk.



You're cute

1/30/13 headphoamz responds:

deal with it



Congrats dude.

What is that shirt of? o.O

1/29/13 headphoamz responds:

Second one on here 3/19/daily-tees-skyrim-star-wars-
and-6-66-t-shirts-from-shirt-woot /

It's Dovahkiin with a bunch of slain famous dragons: Dragonite, Puff, pretty sure Falcor's in there too.

Hey Newgrounds!

I'm getting successful on Youtube!


I subbed.

1/29/13 headphoamz responds:

Hooray! Thank you. Reason I posted was because a lot of NG people have subbed to me and I wanted to let'em know I am appreciate. ^^



Nice voice acting.

1/29/13 headphoamz responds:

Thank you kindly!